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Effective Communication Is Key

Management Consultant, Calvin Dorsey demonstrates expert communication skills as he interviews one of the historic Tuskegee Airmen of the World War II era.

Tuskegee Airmen Interview - Part 1

Tuskegee Airmen Interview - Part 2

Tuskegee Airmen Interview - Part 3


World Class Training For Your Business

Calvin Dorsey
Calvin Dorsey
President and
Management Consultant

Founded in 1992, Dorsey Management Services develops world class training programs for small businesses, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Since higher productivity is important to you, Dorsey Management Services creates tailored training programs to help you reach your goals. Before looking any further, contact Calvin Dorsey and explore a variety of proven options for your business.

Calvin Dorsey, President of Dorsey Management Services, has over thirty-five years of successful sales, management and consulting experience.

Over 15,000 business owners, managers, supervisors, sales, production, operations, administrative, and other staff have benefitted from choosing us. Since the training programs are highly interactive, attendees have a feeling of confidence and accomplishment at the end of each session.

Proven Results! Proven Programs! Proven Approach!

  • Produced 90 day turnarounds and record-setting sales results
  • Achieved annual revenue increases of 40+ %
  • Navigated organizational change successfully

Topics include:

  • Improving Managerial Effectiveness With Versatility : Social Style
    Your success in managing a diverse group of people depends on your technical skills and specialized knowledge as well as your ability to make your relationships mutually productive. Your ability to do this in a way that increases the interpersonal effectiveness and productivity of both you and your direct reports is the essence of Versatile Managing.

    Versatile Managing can help you to:
    - Delegate more effectively
    - Provide feedback
    - Coach and Mentor your team
    - Resolve or proactively avoid unnecessary conflict caused by
        interpersonal friction

    A significant research study found that interpersonal skills are an important element of overall success comparable to intelligence, work experience, and personality. Statistical analysis identified a strong correlation between high Versatility and effectiveness in 47 elements of job performance such as "ability to effectively manage conflict", "ability to influence", "initiative" and "effective team leadership".

Managers with higher levels of versatility perform better on the job.
Performance Measure Percent Increase from
Low to High Versatility
Ability to establish effective relationships
with direct reports
Effectiveness as a team leader 27%
Ability to effectively coach others 25%
Ability to effectively manage conflict 22%
Ability to influence or persuade others 18%

  • Skills For High Performance Teamwork
  • Effective Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence : What Is Your EQ?
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Supervising in the 21st Century
  • Sales Strategies : The Two Call Close
  • How To Negotiate and Win
  • Schoolproof
Note: Other courses available upon request.
All sessions are typically one day or two-day courses with training workbooks included.


What sets us apart? Calvin Dorsey's unique experiences in advertising sales, consulting, training, insurance, teaching, community service and in creating, producing, and hosting an award-winning television show help him connect with passion and insight which influence your team's willingness to make improvements and become more productive.
  • Member of National Speakers Association360 Solutions Trainer Certification
  • National Speakers Association
  • The Leadership Institute
  • Social Styles Strategies Certification
  • North Central Texas Regional Certification
  • Television Producer & Host
    ( 15 International Awards )
  • Chartered Benefit Consultant ( CBC )
  • Certified Radio Marketing Consultant ( CRMC )
  • Stanford University (B.A.)
  • University of Mississippi (M.A.)
  • College Professor
  • Presenter at numerous RAB Managing Sales Conferences

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